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The Edge.Email #28 – Robinhood’s first acquisition is a newsletter

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1. NL M&A

Build or Buy?

Exclusive: Robinhood Made Its First Acquisition Ever — And It’s a Financial Newsletter (Fortune)

Everyone with a Robinhood account would recently noticed an email announcing the launch of “Robinhood Snacks”, a product that’s the result of the $5 billion fintech giant’s first acquisition of the financial newsletter MarketSnacks.

Robinhood’s VP of Product explains a bit more on their news strategy in this blog post.


Speaking in a human, conversational tone is certainly one of The Edge Group’s Ten Commandments. We really liked this “human centric microcopy generator” that provides examples for various web copy requirements.

It’s also a good example of building a simple, interactive tool that captures the ethos of your brand or product.


Content Studio Rep #1: So I’d like to propose a partnership. Here is my presentat….

Client Marketer #1: Here is £5m.

If only every custom content deal was this perfect a fit:

Marlboro maker teams up with Vice for vaping push


The long, complicated, and extremely frustrating history of Medium, 2012–present

A 26-minute read from Nieman Lab on the history of Medium is about as niche as it gets. But if you’ve opened this newsletter, there’s a chance you will find this as riveting as we did (👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 author: Laura Hazard Owen).

Much of the story is told through a memorable aggregation of quotes (example below):


Can the performative social media elements around certain objects end up changing the objects themselves?

This Vox Goods article is an intriguing exploration at how the YouTube unboxing phenomenon is changing the way toys are being designed.


We spend hundreds of collective hours reading, studying and creating newsletters. To see a gallery of our favorites, and what makes them so good, go to TheEdge.Email. Each week we’ll recommend one of our favorites.

Continuing on last week’s theme of Popup or Short-Form newsletter products, the Lenfest Institute for Journalism put out a case study on Pew Research’s new effort of a two-week newsletter course covering U.S immigration policy.

Readers of this edition would probably enjoy both the Lenfest Institute’s own journalism-focused newsletter, Solution Set, and you can sign up for the Pew Research “mini-newsletter course” here.


We strongly believe in the future of distributed workforces and the power of a good WiFi signal. We also use Mailchimp to create this newsletter and love quality brand storytelling. This video fits pretty well.

It’s the trailer for Mailchimp’s new series “Wi-Finders”.